Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mind over Matter

When you stare life face to face,
That's the real thing.
You can't run.
You can't hide.
It's there.
Staring right back at you.
All the wrongs you've done.
All the rights.
You do the math and it doesn't wash.
How do you compete?
Why do you even care?
If all is said and all is done...
Why is there so much left to do?
How do you accomplish?
How do you overcome.
Weaknesses, Strengths.
It's all in the mind they say.
Mind over matter.
If you haven't got a mind it doesn't matter.
Yet here I sit spinning.
Wondering if anything is worth my mind.
Wondering if anything matters.
Asking myself "why" over and over.
If it doesn't matter... why do I mind?