Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hash tag Gamer For Life

My Grandpas both loved playing games. 
I'd say my Grandpa Layton's favorite game was Canasta, and boy was he a competitive player! 
One of my favorite memories was sitting around the card table with him holding his cards in front of his face and laughing while wiggling his eyebrows. 
His eyes, twinkling behind his glasses as he silently dared me to make a move. 
He won. 
All the time.
He was a great card player.

My Grandpa Conrad loved Crokinole. 
As the years took from him his speech and mobility, it never seemed to take away his incredible aim with the Crokinole Cue! He was a sure shot and would smirk everytime he blew one of us out of range. 

I always enjoyed playing games with my Grandpas.
I think we have something on common.

I love games.

I have all these great games sitting on shelves and I just can't wait until my kids come home so we can play. 

Throughout the year, we seem to be caught up in work, school,  and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
The only time we seem to gather to play is over the holidays.

I plan to change this in the New Year.

I want to enjoy my kids' company before they grow up and move on with their own lives.
I want to put phones and technology behind so we can talk and laugh. 
I want to cement a bond so that when they're away from home one day, they'll look back and remember the looks on their faces, the "remember the time when..." moments. The fun, the lighthearted laughter of an uncomplicated time.
I want them to want to gather home and play.
I want them to leave their stresses behind, let down their guard, to feel like time has stood still.

I still remember the look on my Grandpa Layton's face when I told him I knew how to play canasta.

The glint in my Grandpa Conrad's eye just before he lined up his cue.

There's one other thing we may have in common...

I like to win too!