Monday, November 16, 2015

Until We Meet Again

If I ever needed to find my Grandma, I knew my best bet was the kitchen.
My Grandma seemed to always be puttering in the kitchen. 
It is because of her inspiration that I chose to cook.
Oh, to one day have the skills she possessed in the kitchen!
Whether she was whipping up a delicious meal or cleaning, or organizing, nine times out of ten she was doing it in the kitchen.
I absolutely loved watching her as she effortlessly and seamlessly concocted her dishes. 
I also loved this time because we would talk. Not just mindless chatter, but she'd talk about real stuff. Things that she worried about, things that made her happy, she'd tell me about my cousins and my siblings and their accomplishments. It was in these moments I felt the most connected - not just to her but to my other cousins whom I didn't/don't see very often.
That's something I really admired about my Grandma. 
She loved her family.
If I had to describe my Grandmother with one word, it would be Peacemaker.
Time and time again I have watched my Grandma make sacrifices for her children and grandchildren.
She was a sounding board when someone needed to vent. The cornerstone of the family, and the anchor that kept everybody grounded.
A favorite place of all of my Grandparents was The Temple. Even when my Grandma was suffering, my mother would still come and take her to the temple. 
I'm reminded of a promise I made to my Grandparents, that I would make it to the Temple.
It's something I've forgotten over the years but this picture really struck a chord.

I intend to honor that promise and I'm sure she already knows I'm well on my way.
I love you Grandma and I can't wait to see you again.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Would I Pray For Paris?

A Prayer for Paris seems to be the catchphrase of the day. Over the course of the last 24 hrs I've seen an array of stunning photographs of landmarks lit with the colors of France's flag. I've read people's remarks both in heartfelt sympathy for a country they have a connection with and then some berating those posters for their ignorance regarding other terrorist attacks in other countries.
It seems to me that lately, people love to hate.
Is it fair that Beruit and Baghdad  have had less media coverage than Paris? Sure it is.
Is it a race issue? I don't think so.
I think unfortunately that Paris, The City of Love is just more of a household name.
Realistically, because of the social media outcry for Paris, the tragedies in these other countries are being brought to the forefront and more people are aware and acknowledging that there is a global issue regarding terrorism.
It shouldn't matter how it's brought to light, it should only matter how it's going to be addressed.
Terrorism is happening. And it's happening everywhere.
Am I going to Pray for Paris?
Heck yes I am- because Paris is the Poster child for what is a worldwide issue.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Starlight, Starbright, first star I see tonight...

When I was little I had a window seat in my bedroom. It probably wasn't a real window seat but I was 8 and could sit comfortably on it with my knees drawn up under my chin. 
Sometimes, I'd write messages to passersby letting them know just how much I loved Jon Bon Jovi. 
But mostly, I'd sit and stare at the stars. I loved how peaceful they made me feel. 
I would imagine that they were the souls of those who had passed on, watching over us as we slept. 
I mean, how great is that? 
Our own personal guardian angels.
As I grew up and let reality take over my life, I realized that this wasn't a real thing.
However, when I see pictures like this:
It reminds me of those precious childhood memories and I can't help but think, maybe it's true.
The realist in me tells me it's not, but my childhood self whispers "just maybe."
And whether it is or it isn't,  I like to think that two more stars are soon joining the sky to watch over, guide, and shine ever so bright.
After all, who wouldn't want to be a star?